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Panigyri of Ioannis Prodromos -“Kleidonas”

Christos Raxes, Ikaria Jun 24, 2023 Free

Klidonas is the custom of girls who ask to guess their luck. It has its roots in the time of Homer, later we […]

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Festival of the Assumption of Virgin-Karpathos

Olympo, Karpathos Aug 15, 2023 Free

In distant Karpathos,you may think that you have entered a time machine that has sent you to the island a few years […]

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Panagia Portaitissa Festival

Rodia, Astypalea Aug 14, 2023 Free

Since 1762,the biggest festival of the island is taking place every year to celebrate the Assumption of Mary.The festivities last 3 days […]

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We are a group of people who love the traditional music events, the mix of people and sounds we meet at festivals, with what they bring over the centuries, and their musicians who hold, revive and develop this kind of music and entertainment.

Panigyri is the customary celebration that has been held for centuries in many parts of Greece for cultural, religious or commercial reasons, accompanied by traditional music, local delicacies and drinks. It often includes social / cultural references of the area.

The festival for us is a sharing of emotions, musically dressed with sounds of then and now. The meeting of people and their history “in circular dances” that symbolically refer to the cycle made in time by tradition and music, the union of the past with the present, in a fiesta of life at last, which is celebrated and flows between in the tightly held hands of the dancers.
As it is characteristically mentioned in the song of D. Savvopoulos “always meet and have fun, find, with circular dances and just as free, like rivers. with the rock of our future “.

To become a means of disseminating the festivals, both inside and outside Greece, to record these celebrations giving – in addition to useful information (where, when, etc.) – historical elements of the customs of each place, being a modern search engine of a traditional custom that continues today, as well as to highlight, support musicians and performers of this type of music.

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