It was August 2017, for the second time in Amorgos but first on the day of the celebration of the pastel. What if we had been in the sun all day? As soon as we learned that they would make a traditional pastel in Loza Square for the celebration, we ran to take a seat next to the cauldron! We were just looking forward to the aromas of the mixture. We asked two women of the village and learned two or three secrets about the recipe. “The good Amorite pastel wants cumin, wine and to spread it on lemon leaves” they told me conspiratorially! “Of course, only with honey and sesame does such a treasure come out?” we answered them as if they had revealed to us the most important secret in the world! And THE PASTEL was made! We tasted a piece in the shape of a diamond that had just been cut and then we had fun, drinking baked goods and dancing island for hours!

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